Designer Handbags - Defining Fashion

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Handbags will always be many of women's accessories since time immemorial. Handbags began appearing around the 14th century in the form of girdles, which were attached to the waist. Overtime the luggage had been a symbol of status and started to get more elaborate designs with additions of embroidery, beads and sequins adorning it. By the turn with the 16th century the fabric employed for making handbags changed from cloth to leather for more practicality. Leather was tougher and became an instantaneous success.

The 17th century saw both women and men becoming more fashionably conscious and handbags started to convey more complex designs and shapes. People soon started carrying handbags as opposed to wearing them round the waist. Women soon started having a different form of bag to suit all sorts of occasion to make a fashion statement whilst on top of competition. A popular feature for handbags in those times was separate compartments for storing opera glasses, fans and make up.

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The 19th century was the period of refinement for handbags with designer houses including Lv, Gucci, Christian Dior and so on emerging. Handbags were taken up a brand new level with all the introduction of zips, mirrors, high quality leather, metal handles and frames. Superior designer leather handbags would be a will need to have for those women to keep up with the present fashion. The trend to own a designer handbag reached new heights but still still takes care of so. The recognition of designer handbags lies with the label however the style, design, quality and craftsmanship devote to it within the production process.

Designer handbags today are available in different variety of texture, fabric, style, pattern and design. Due to the demand and popularity there are many copy's floating the marketplace example, Canal Street in New York, Stanley Market in Hong Kong, SuKhumvit Shopping in Bangkok etc are among the famous places selling replicas of designer handbags.

There are 2 approaches to differentiate between an original along with a fake designer handbag. Firstly, original designer handbags come with an authencity card to verify its authenticity. Prepaid cards contain information about the product and its model no . plus a barcode. Secondly, original handbags hold the designer monogram woven into the lining from the bag with a smooth finish. These are the two main features to look for unless you wish to purchase a fake handbag for the price of a real one.